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A Spa experience begins from the first step you make to go inside the building, from the very moment you open the door. This is the zero point when your interior counter starts receiving information of all kinds: visual, olfactory, sounds, touch and more. All these come accumulated, with an incredible speed, from the first second and, already in one minute, the general impression is made and you are prepared for what will follow.

Thaico Spa is hosted by a beautiful big old villa, a historical two floors building placed right in the center of Bucharest, at Piata Victoriei and I can tell that my pleasure was double, first to discover the architectural details and design, then the Spa approach and treatments.

So, I opened the door and was kindly welcomed by one of the therapist ladies, just from the entrance and first thing seen was a big wood panel with the face of an Indian God, sculpted in golden metal. The interior design and decorations are based on natural materials and colors, involving wood flooring, sculpted decorations in precious essences of wood, bamboo accents (in Asian culture bamboo is related to tranquility and well-being) and metal lightning fixtures in stained, vivid colored glass. With numerous doors and rooms, Thaico is a veritable maze of sweet-smelling corridors, copper lanterns and warm lighting. Overall, a tastefully decorated space dedicated to beauty and well-being, a Spa that you are mostly likely to get lost in.

Vichy shower room

I enjoyed a welcome ginger tea while relaxing 10 minutes laying comfortably on the satin pillows sofa from the reception until Julie, my therapist, accompanied me into the massage room. I chose a Balinese Massage, made in the saline room, a spectacular one  with walls in brown blocks of illuminated Himalaya salt. The exclusivist therapy combines benefits of pure Himalayan salt with the relaxing effects of massage, acting at the same time by treating respiratory system diseases such as cold and flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections, sinusitis, rhinitis and also skin problems as dermatitis.

The therapy started by a pampering feet washing in warm water with flowers and continued by a mix of acupressure techniques, classic relaxation massage, stretching movements and sliding, reassuring Lomi-Lomi. Each centimeter of my body has been carefully cared and the face & head final gentle massage cleared my mind for sure and brought a fabulous radiance on my face. The procedure ends by covering feet in warmed wet towels, I admit, one of my favorite moments.

The lobby

Saline Room withe Himalaya salt

The treatment was exactly what I badly needed, because removed successfully my back pain and also calmed, through saline vapors, my old, eternal sinusitis. Balinese massage is an excellent choice because its complexity of techniques, degrees of compression and effect on full body, relaxing muscles and mind. After this, I enjoyed almost an hour of tranquility in the relaxation room, with filtered warm light from floor lanterns through the artistic cuts of the dark brown bamboo panel. A jasmine tea and a green apple were welcomed to complete this mood of deep relaxation.

The selection of their therapies and massages products is extremely wide, you can  lost for choice reading the Spa Menu, there are over 50 Asian rituals, among which Classical Massages or of course, Asian.

An interesting one is for sure Ayurveda Massage, hosted by a special room, where the central point is the big therapy bed of teak wood, accompanied by a Shirodhara bowl. This well being technique is  from ancient times, 3.000 years ago, uses precious natural oils and essences, well known as one of the most efficient detox method.
By reaching key energy points, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation are stimulated, helping to eliminate the sensation of heavy legs and water retention. Thus, Ayurveda massage is an energy re-balancing method by which health and harmony are brought back into the body and can treat arthritis, rheumatism, blood pressure problems and insomnia, rather than acute muscular problems.

Each and every one of the therapies is unique in its kind and the facilities are well-kept, tidy and modern. It is exactly the place to relax, rejuvenate and forget about troubles, a cozy heaven of tranquility that allows everyone to unwind after a stressful journey or prepare for a long flight.

In all, Thaico Spa seems the ideal place to lose yourself for a few hours and definitely a great place to come and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Address of Thaico Spa: Intrarea Sevastopol 1, Bucharest


Photo credits: Thaico Spa, personal archive Ruxandra Chiurtu


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