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My favorite travel magazine is National Geographic Traveler. For travel, read or dreaming eyes wide open looking at the timeless and transporting images inside its pages.

I met him in the spring of 2008, in the famous and elegant Hubbard Memorial Hall from National Geographic Society, Washington DC, few months before launching the Romanian edition, and, at that moment, was presented as “All travel, All the time”. Quite fascinating idea, right?
And yes, I like to consider Traveler as the lifestyle-oriented son of respectable National Geographic magazine, but also keep in mind that is the world’s most widely read travel magazine, which championed sustainable travel before it was cool.
Now, NG Traveler is 30 years old and celebrates journeys that are about experience, culture, authenticity, with the theme of “Nobody Knows This World Better”, offering a strong sense of place and inspiration.

I will stop here with words and let the sensational images take us on journeys all over the world through a selection of best National Geographic Traveler photographs, as shown in the article “Thirty years of Traveler magazine in pictures“.

My favorite is Peaks of Patagonia, 1997 Photograph by Pablo Corral
This was taken from Hotel Explora in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. I had just parked the car when I saw this magnificent vista,” says Pablo Corral. “I remember sitting there for a long time trying to memorize the color of the water and how quickly everything was changing. The clouds were coming at full speed from the north.

30 yrs NG Traveler (13)

30 yrs NG Traveler (1)


Source and images: “Thirty years of Traveler magazine in pictures” article from


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