The most amazing wild beaches in Peloponnese

We like and share beautiful photos that show an ocean, a sea, a river or a beach. Maybe because we are 60% water, maybe because the life appeared into the ocean, or because our energy and vibration connects instantly to this as to a source of calm and natural balance.
We are constantly looking for deserted, hidden beaches overlooking the infinite blue and the perpetual sound of waves.

During my recent trip to Greece, I was lucky to discover the most amazing beaches from Peloponnese, and it was love at first sight.

Sometimes, the only thing you’ll need is a sarong, a sun hat and sunscreen, because life here – day and night – happens on the beach, on the pure white sand, in the translucent turquoise water, in the shade of the cedars, under the clear blue sky and the bright sun. Your imagination dances delightedly along the infinite horizon and like just about everyone that comes here for a beach holiday, you will want to stay forever… this can be called “Elafonisos effect”.

The exotic Beach of Simos, Elafonisos, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, awaits you. Two majestic bays serve up fine white sand and emerald water, and a rare cedar forest that spreads out along the sand dunes. Elafonisos island  welcomes you to paradise in the south of the Peloponnese!
To get to Elafonisos you drive to the town of Neapolis, then go back a few kilometers to the village of Vingliafa where there are two small ferries which go back and forth continuously to the island by a 10 minutes journey.

Photo by Sandra Bendre

Elafonisos has a spectacular wealth of flora and fauna which is confirmed by its inclusion to the European network of protected areas NATURA 2000, considering the wetland of Strogyli and the sand dunes of Simos beach house a large variety of unique endemic species. The sand dunes of Simos beach are very sensitive ecosystems, with a loose sandy substrate kept in place by sparse vegetation. Elafonisos also hosts a wide variety of bird life; the shrubs and brush wood provide excellent nesting grounds.

Voidokilia Beach is a popular beach in Messinia in the Mediterranean area and has been named “A Place of Particular Natural Beauty”. In the shape of the Greek letter Omega, its sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes. On the land-facing side of the strip of dunes is Gialova Lagoon, an important bird habitat.  

Voidokilia is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, but maybe also in the Mediterranean Sea and is situated at 12 km from the city of Pylos (in the north of the Navarino Bay).
The sheltered bay is referred to Homer’s Odyssey and archaeologists believe it was used by King Nestor as a port in ancient times.
The curve of Voidokilia seems to be traced with a compass like a giant Greek omega (the name means “cow’s belly”), from the two rocky promontories that define the entrance of it. It is surrounded by a magnificent beach of light, fine sand, protected by the wind; the turquoise crystalline water invites to go swimming.

Voidokilia is hidden behind sand dunes, which seem to be protecting its secret of magic beauty. The beach of outstanding beauty lays beneath the Old Frankish castle – Paliokastro –  and the cave of King Nestor, the ancient King of Pylos, who according to legend used this cave as a haven for his cattle. Taking the path up from Voidokilia to the Old Navarino castle you will enjoy the wonderful panorama that unfolds in front of you: Lagoon of Gialova, Navarino Bay and the Peloponnesian hills covered with olive trees.
From Voidokilia beach, you can pass onto the Lagoon of Gialova through a natural path to observe the lagoon’s bird life, and the fascinating world of one of Europe’s most important wetlands. The beach is also the place where sea turtle lays its eggs into the sand.

We found this beautiful wedding bouquet on the dunes of Voidokilia beach. Photo by Sandra Bendre

The beach from Costa Navarino is gorgeous through the brick-colored sand, which contrasts with the abundant vegetation of a deep green, as they were placed together with a painting master’s brush.
It may seem unbelievable to discover a wild and quiet beach in a 5-star resort, but in this case I think the stars are deserved by those who have integrated and preserved the specificity of the place into an extremely well-implemented concept to protect the pristine coastline. Add to all of this the warm light of the sunrise mirrored by the sea water, the brown algae on the beach, the sound of the waves and just breathe the salty air, in a perfect harmony with the nature, mind, body and soul.

Barbouni Beach Bar Restaurant is hypnotic and enhances the sea breeze through a creative decor mechanism on the open sky ceiling, the effect being similar to waves motion.

Romanos Beach


Photo credits: Costa Navarino, GNTO, personal archive Ruxandra Chiurtu.

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