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I arrived at the freshly opened Essenza Spa from Crowne Plaza Bucharest Hotel one week ago, on 1st of June, as an attempt to escape from the avalanche of Facebook invasion by everybody’s photos as a child, in sepia, black & white or color, scanned, retouched, edited, oh my God, too much.

The new Spa in town received me quietly and calmly, hidden in the inner part of the building and facing the green garden from the inner court. Refinement, relaxation, calm, natural color, well-being, good energy, recalibration, alignment with the self are the first vibes felt and included in the design concept of the space.
Built on the principles of a balanced life flooded with light and natural essences, the three-tier center has nearly 1,000 m² of natural stone, ceramic, leather, copper, wood and glass, and receives guests in the indoor pool in the yoga / Pilates / dances, the Jacuzzi in the garden, the Technogym fitness room, exclusive treatment rooms, saunas, hammam and wet massages on the water beds in the relaxation room as well as in the floating capsules and total relaxation by full immersion in salt water, another first on the hotel market in Romania.

I was curious to test the Float Pod, a futuristic designed closed capsule, based on the principle of float effortlessly in water saturated with Epsom salts, relieved from gravity, to achieve deep relaxation, meditation and well-being. Floating helps to relax, relieve stress and tension, both mental and physical.

Epsom salt, responsible for the weightlessness feeling, is a natural mineral composed of magnesium and sulfate, both very well absorbed by the skin and has many benefits as detoxify, releasing muscle pain, leaving the skin silky. The water is heated to body temperature and the sensation is similar to floating in space.

The first 5 minutes were extremely strange, because it took me a while to accommodate with the capsule’s interior and diffuse blue light, then step by step, to relax and reach the best body posture for complete relaxation. But after this, I lost the notion of time and space for a deeply relax, probably given by Theta waves that the brain generates in these situations.
So it passed, without realizing it, half an hour and, when opened the capsule and exiting, my skin seemed to be covered by a consistent and slippery film, given by the salt. After a long shower, the salt was gone and my body skin looked very clean and smooth, meanwhile needing moisturizing cream, which I did immediately.

The following massage was short (30 minutes), but effective, targeting the back, neck and shoulders, the common areas tensed during the working days and happy to be relaxed, finally. Besides this one, the Spa treatment menu includes the aromatherapy massage, Lomi Mae rhythmical massage, deep tissue, hot volcanic stones massage and a therapeutically.

Prices are 120 lei for 30 minutes of back, neck & shoulders massage and starting 90 lei for a 30 minutes session at Floating Pod.

Address Essenza Spa: Crowne Plaza Bucharest Hotel, Poligrafiei 1 Street, Bucharest


Photo credits: Essenza Spa, personal archive Ruxandra Chiurtu,,

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