Les Thermes d’Evian, l’équilibre a sa source

On the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva and facing Lausanne city, Evian-les-Bains is a colorful and cozy Spa little town built on the French Alps mountainside.
The unusual shaped building of Les Thermes d’evian® is placed right on the shores of the lake, surrounded by an impressive garden and offering an amazing, relaxing panorama.

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How it all began? In 1789, the Count de Laizer, a nobleman from Auvergne, also scientist, discovered the benefits of this crystal-clear, “easily-absorbed” water. And thus the history of evian® mineral water began during the Belle Époque in Evian when its first thermal baths opened in 1824, attracting the European bourgeoisie who came to “take” the waters.

evian® natural mineral water is pollution-free, pH neutral and has both a low-mineral content including bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium, and a low sodium content. It owes these unique properties to its origins. The hydro-geological site formed 35,000 years ago is a true miracle of nature that filters and enriches the water during its 15-year journey sheltered under thick layers of clay. This exceptional natural mineral water with its unique mineral balance led to the resort becoming famous for its thermal Spa programs –rheumatology, bone and joint problems, digestive and urinary system complaints, metabolic disorders.

The different areas of Les Thermes d’evian®, designed by architect Olivier Chabaud, have been created in a way that lets the light in, so anyone can enjoy the soothing views of the Lake Geneva and grounds. The white, triangular shapes found on many elements such as the fountain, ceilings, furniture and in the boutique, bring the snow-capped Alpine summits to mind. The painter’s brush was inspired by the colors of water that are part of the building’s environment. The presence of white, red, pink and blue hues provide a gentle reminder of the Spa being part of the evian® brand. On the lower floor, gently curved walls feature water marks and clouds in shades of blue float on the French windows by the pools.

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Once entered inside the light building with large spaces surrounded by huge window walls and before going to the reception desk to book a treatment, I felt a sudden desire to drink a glass of water, directly from one of evian® springs from the lobby. It’s irresistible and understandable, since until then I’ve met evian® mineral water only in bottled version 😉

Happily after this real encounter, I dressed in the fluffy white robe, put on the slippers and go to the massage room to relax for a 30 minutes “Massage sous la pluie” made by the therapist with vegetal oils under a fine and warm rain of natural water evian®. A very pleasant well-being interaction, muscles were eased, body skin became soft and hydrated, chapeau bas, evian®!

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To be in complete balance, our body needs to renew itself, to be in shape and be relaxed and this balance can be achieved at Les Thermes d’evian® in the Aqua, Fitness and Wellness areas.

The “AQUA” area offers comfort, privacy and a cozier atmosphere. The thermal Spa programs and treatments are performed in line with the sanitas per aquam concept, which focuses on the recognized benefits of evian® mineral water. All in 26 treatment rooms and one thermal pool.

The “WELLNESS” area, which benefits from natural daylight, is reserved exclusively for beauty treatments, massages, body-shaping treatments and nutritional workshops. All treatments are based on the benefits of evian® water. This area has 8 treatment rooms with natural daylight, 1 Iyashi Dôme, 2 steam rooms and a sauna.

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Photo credits: Les Thermes d’evian, personal archive Ruxandra Chiurtu

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